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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  September 3, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. >> a murder suspect venters ended in a tense standoff this evening but only after his mother intervenes. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm in tonight for julie haener. a suspected custody is in arrested tonight in connection with the unsolved kill of a high school senior. police say they located the 18- year-old senior outside the house in the 7400 block of lockwood just after 7:30 this evening. but then they say he barricaded
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himself inside the home. mike mibach is nearby at opd's eastmont. mike? >> a busy night for a couple dozen oakland police officers. there was a standoff. guns were drawn. a pitbull was shot. and now a high profile murder suspect is in custody. that is with a little help from his mother. >> they had guns and their hands pointing to the husband. >> oakland police officer say they spot add homicide suspect sitting inside a car outside his home. as officers approached the suspect took off. >> the suspect ran into the house. he actually sicked several vicious dogs at the officers. the officers ended up killing the 100-pound vicious pitbull as well as wounding another very large animal. >> reporter: police cavity joiner said the 18-year-old suspect barricaded himself inside the home. his name is john martinez. late march when detectives say martinez shot four people outside a birthday party in
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oakland. the party was for eric a senior at skyline high. a football players who friends say had been accepted to chico state. more than five months later the evidence was in place. at 11 a.m. today an arrest warrant for martinez was issued. within hours the alleged killer was pinned down by oakland police. >> we actually did a tactical retreat, contained and set up the perimeter around the residence. unfortunately, as we got ready to make a swat team call-out the suspect's mother arrived to the scene and able to call him and negotiate and basically helped us negotiate a surrender. >> we just looked up as the dude was walking out. >> reporter: martinez with his hands held high slowly walked out of the house. he was handcuffed, placed in a patrol car and taken away. >> good old-fashioned police work recognizing people who are wanted and being able to recognize the area and where the person lived and resided. >> reporter: police say martinez a known gang member was looking to shoot rival gang
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members who may have been at that birthday party back in march. they say eric was not the intended target. the suspect's mother declined to speak with us tonight. reporting live here in east oakland, mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news. authorities sifted through tons of trash in an east bay landfill today searching for a missing man in a landfill. they searched the landfill looking for the body of frederick salas who was reported missing a week ago, about the same time that his father was killed at a home in heck less america less. people suspect both were killed. the man was shot and killed by the highway patrol following a high-speed chase on tuesday night. authorities suspect the 38-year- old man may have killed as many as five people. two of those victims were remembered tonight at a candlelight vigil. it was held at the strip mall where they both worked. one was the father of that
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missing man. the other was his girlfriend. police say he strangled her inside her car as the police were chasing him. ktvu's amber lee is there with our report. amber? >> reporter: frank, friends created this memorial tonight to remember two people who worked here just steps from each other. people have been dropping by to look at this memorial. friends say their devastating loss is compounded by the many questions surrounding their violent deaths. >> let us all remember how much they meant too each and every one of us. >> reporter: at the glenco shopping center, about 100 people, friends, co-workers and customers gathered to remember cindy tran and ricardosalas. the two became friends while working at this mall. tran a hairstylist and ricardo was a security guard inside safeway. both were killed by her ex- boyfriend. >> it is a double loss for me because i knew both of them.
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ricardo is my buddy. >> as the friends struggled with their grief they tried to find come north in their memories. >> i said when are you going to do my nails? she said i don't do nails i just do hair. we would just laugh and play. i don't believe they are not with us anymore. >> reporter: he told us he is haunted by the cell phone call tran made to her son shortly before she was killed. >> she called me right before she died. she said call 911, he has a gun to my head. and i don't think i am going to see you no more. >> let us stand here as one with our candles lit and remember and honor cindy jenny tran and ricardo rick salas. >> tran leaves behind four sons ages 14-21. tran's family wants to thank the public for their support and ask that the friends not be
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saddened by her death because knowing our mom she wouldn't want that. reporting live amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. another person linked to this case with ties to the suspect and two additional homicide victims appeared in court today on charges of possessing explosives. 72-year-old charles ridinhouse pleaded not guilty. police discovered explosives at his home on tuesday, along with the bodies of his wife and his wife's friend. his attorney said he had nothing to do with the deaths and said someone else may have put the bodies there. >> he filed a missing person's report a few days before that. and it doesn't really make sense that someone is going to file a missing person's report and have the body of someone they just killed in their house. >> he remains in custody. tonight he is being held in lieu of $2 million bail. stay with ktvu, channel 2 news and for continuing coverage of this case. we will bring you the latest developments as they happen. a helicopter pilot says he suffered vertigo before he
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crashed his helicopter on a freeway today in salinas. the helicopter landed upside down on highway 101 not far from the april. the highway patrol says a big rig driver missed hitting the helicopter by only five feet. the pilot is identified as 62- year-old frank goals. he owns gomes farm air which sprays pesticides over farms. the chp says he crashed shortly after takeoff at about 6:00 this morning. >> according to the pilot, he got disoriented in the fog and got a little vertigo and lost control. >> it took three hours to clear the wreck. no one else was hurt. the helicopter was knot carrying any pesticides when it went down. a salvage crew worked all day today to pull the wreckage of a small plane from the bottom of a lagoon in redwood city. it was 7:00 tonight before the plane was lifted clear of the water. three people died in yesterday's crash. authorities say the body of the pilot and 91-year-old robert
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boreman of boreman steel in east palo alto remained in the wreckage. the body of the pilot's girlfriend was recovered yesterday. a federal investigation is underway. witnesses say the twin engine beechcraft took off from the airport and climbed to about 800 feet before it rolled sharply as if the right engine had failed. the plane was in the air for only about 30 seconds. the u.s. labor department released a new batch of unemployment data today. and this jobs report seems to indicate the economy is spinning its wheels. first the god news here, private employers added 67,000 jobs in august. eight consecutive jobs of growth. still the unemployment rate crept higher from 9.5% in july to 9.6% in august. tens of thousands of temporary census jobs ended and thousands more people entered the workforce. well, tens of thousands of americans found work last month. that's little consolation for
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those who didn't. the slight increase in the unemployment rate could be bad news for democrats. as political editor randy shandobil reports, that's the last thing they need before a national election. >> reporter: some good news for some people somewhere. that doesn't help people out of work here. they are still looking. >> it seems like i always hear about jobs but i never can find one. >> you apply for a job and they say that they are going to call you back or call you in for an appointment or an interview and they never do. >> reporter: for three months, six months a year, people running out of money. >> right now i had to apply for general assistance and food stamps. >> reporter: and that translates to president obama and congressional democrats running out of time. >> i want all americans to remind themselves there are better days ahead. >> reporter: democrats often say they inherited a terrible economy from president bush. and they at least prevented it
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from totally collapsing. >> you don't get any credit in campaigns for what you prevented from happening. >> worse yet for nancy pilosi who could lose her speakership this fall. with two months to election day the economy barely seems to be treading water. and barack has been president for more than a year and a half. >> we are moving in the right direction. just need to speed it up. >> reporter: but analysts don't seem there are any quick-fix options that would give the economy a big enough jolt to prevent democrats from suffering potentially devastating losses in november. losing majority control of the house conceivably even the senate. >> it's tough and people are upset. and a lot of the republicans have kind of an anger factor. and great motivators in life are fear and anger. >> reporter: so republicans are motivated and democrats have to hope voters at least give them credit for stopping the bleeding. but analysts say that doesn't make for a very effective campaign slogan. reelect us, without democrats,
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it would have been worse. political editor randy shandobil, ktvu, channel 2 news. today's jobs report boosted wall street and extended this week's rally. the dow climbed 127 points to close above 10400. the nasdaq gained 33 points. [ music ] a warning tonight for women in this busy downtown district. the harassing behavior police fear could get worse. >> the fog rolls back in as the holiday weekend begins. so which day will be the warmest? tomorrow's forecast in ten minutes. >> and a disturbing discovery near the golden gate. authorities repelled down a cliff and retrieved a human skull. the other clues they found today when the news continues in 90 second. ? the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. >> investigators in san francisco. >> dependable live coverage of breaking news. >> we began with a huge fire. >> the bay area's major news of
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the day. >> south bay water officials say so far. >> and complete in depth coverage. >> you new security measures went into effect today. >> the fore cass -- forecast where you live. frank somerville, julie haener, the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. complete bay area news coverage.
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. >> the san raphael police are getting the word out tonight following a rash of incidents in which men have accosted teenage girls and in one case tried to fondle a grown woman. no one has been injured but investigators are concerned about it escalating. ktvu's deborah villalon is live in downtown san raphael tonight with our report. deborah? >> reporter: frank, tonight there are extra patrols downtown in response to four incidents in just a few square blocks. going into the weekend, police want women to be aware. >> that's serious. >> i've never heard of that. >> reporter: shoppers are a bit alarmed. so are business owners. >> that's very disturbing. >> reporter: hearing that twice this week men have tried to
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talk teenage girls into their cars. and another time followed a teenager home on foot and loitered outside. it doesn't seem to be the same man. descriptions vary from white to latin or dark skinned and ranging in age from 40s to 60s. what they share is a boldness that worries the police. >> we have seen cases where people are aggressive like this and they will escalate to doing something worse. >> reporter: in another incident, sunday morning a man grabbed a woman walking on 4th street and stuck his hand down the front of her pants. she and her friend fought him off. >> just walking down the street walking home and get confronted. so they were very surprised and obviously very scared after this occurred. >> this restaurant owner, open lace, is advising her staff against walking home alone from work. but points out that such incidents can happen anywhere. >> women everywhere have to be careful, especially young girls. and no matter where you are. >> i think a fluke. i think it's a coincidence.
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>> reporter: most merchants say they find san raphael relatively safe and well patrolled. >> i am just going to be more aware, especially when i lock up. >> there is always people who you think will follow you home. >> reporter: these teenagers say they are often honked and whistled at by strangers and know what they would do if accosted. >> get my cell phone and call 911. >> right away. >> and i mean if it's starting to get physical, you just like kick them where it hurts. >> reporter: well, what police are doing now is looking through their files of known sex offenders to see if any of these cases matchup. and what they want the public to do is be very watchful for any of this aggressive behavior in this busy downtown. reporting live in san raphael, deborah villalon, ktvu, channel 2 news. the interim police chief in santa cruz says he has contracted a private security firm to help patrol downtown. the san jose mercury news is reporting that starting tomorrow security guard will be
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scheduled to walk downtown streets from 7 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon. the guard will not carry a weapon and will not be able to make arrests. but it's hoped that the guard will deter crime. the month-long pilot program is expected to cost police $5,000. >> the discovery of a human skull sent a recovery team today repelling down a cliff in the marin headlands. the effort unfolded below a popular vista point where people enjoyed the breathtaking views of the golden gate bridge. robert handa reports what's down the cliff crews found more than the skull. >> reporter: visitors battled the fog and wind to photograph the golden gate bridge searchers repelled 600 feet down a cliff looking for human remains. u.s. park police, rangers and marin county sheriff's investigators converged here after a kayaker on monday reported seeing a human skull in a coffee. >> we are treating a crime scene but we don't know whether
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it was accidental. it is precautionary to treat it as a crime scene. >> reporter: searchers say the skull and upper body and torso bones they also found appear to be those of an adult and have been here for about a year. the remains along with clothes and jewelry nearby haven't given investigators an indication if it's a man or a woman. some visitors were rattled by the discovery, especially when they heard the victim may have fallen from the vista point where they were standing. >> that freaks me out a lo the first thing i said to him is i am holding on to you because this wind scares me. >> reporter: the wind and terrain made the search more difficult. >> a loot of loose debris so their own actions tend to bring rock fall potentially on them. then they are looking for things as small as, you know, maybe a person's tooth. >> reporter: teams wrapped up their search late this afternoon with the late discovery of more remains. >> toward the very end of the day we found a fanny pack as well which we are hoping has identification in it or some further clues that will lead us to the identity of this person. >> reporter: officials say it will take several weeks to fully analyze the evidence found here. they also say they hope the
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coroner's office will be able to make a positive identification from the remains without having to make a public plea for more information. in the marin headlands, robert handa, ktvu, channel 2 news. goggle said today that the state of texas is investigating how the internet giant ranks its search results. google says the texas attorney general wants to know if the internet giant has abused its power. the attorney general's office confirmed the probe but gave no details. search rankings on google can make or broke a website. the review appears to be focused on whether google is manipulating the results to stifle competitors. bp said today they spent $8 billion so far in the gulf of mexico oil spill. the energy giant also successfully replaced the broken blow-out preventor today on the wrecked oil well. it gave the broken one to federal investigators. bp says they hope to have the well permanently capped in about two weeks, depending on the weather. meantime the coastguard today said they could find no oil
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leak -- leaking from the mariner energy platform which caught fire yesterday in the gulf. 13 people aboard that oil rig were safely rescued. >> cal fire today blamed two illegal immigrants for starting a wildfire in san diego county. investigators say the two set the fire as a locator signal after they got lost. they say that the illegal immigrants called emergency dispatchers in mexico yesterday saying they had been lost for two days and were dehydrated and going to start the fire. the fire is burning tonight between campo and it has scorched more than 800-acres. but no buildings have been damaged. firefighters say they expect to contain the flames by sunday. the illegal immigrants have not been caught. here in the bay area, park officials in san jose expect to be able to re-open allan rock park tomorrow as the fire danger there eases. the park was closed today. rangers say a combination of high temperatures, low humidity and very dry vegetation prompted their decision. the park also was closed last wednesday and thursday because of record high temperatures.
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[ music ] >> in that record heat has given way to some fog along the coast. it is out there now in the avenues of san francisco. our cooling trend is well underway. temperatures came down today. they are coming down more on saturday and sunday. but note, not cold. it is going to be cooler but not as cold as last weekend. the forecast this weekend the fog is a constant player. the extended forecast looking for some major cooling next week, believe it or not. tomorrow morning's fog forecast. if you have plans for saturday morning you will need jackets in most bay area communities. san jose will be mostly clear. but the temperatures in even in the clear will be in the upper 50s. so kind of cool tonight compared to what we've seen. lots of fog coverage in the morning. then it clears off by late in the afternoon. sunshine for everybody but the beach. i will have more weather forecasts coming up later. >> chevron has agreed to pay almost $3 million to restore some san francisco bay wetlands. contamination from the richmond
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refinery damaged the wetlands in north richmond and an area in the san pablo national wildlife refuge. some 200-acres are set to be restored. it is part of the environmental injury place. >> seven people spent the night stranded on the ware. the simple precautions they could have taken and what prevented rescuers from reaching them. >> my life is turned upside down in one moment. >> the wife of an injured police officer speaks publicly for the first time. the surprising way she learned her husband had been shot. [ music ] >>, complete bay area news coverage.
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. >> the coastguard says four children and three adults spent the night stranded on a small boat that ran aground on an island in sasoon bay. rescuers say the boat ran out of gas at 10:30 last night and drifted on to ryan island north of the weapons station.
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the first rescue crew couldn't get to the boaters because of shallow water. a second boat was able to reach the boaters this morning, rescue the seven people and tow their boat back to shore. no one was hurt. investigators said today there was more damage to the 747 that made an emergency landing at san francisco airport on tuesday than they first realized. inspectors said some sort of mechanical failure blew a hole in one of the 747s engine. they also found damage to the plane's wing flaps. they plan to ship the engine to a hong kong maintenance facility for further inspection. the jet had taken off from sfo but returned when the engine malfunctioned. no one was hurt. in new zealand the ground is still shaking tonight with aftershocks from a major earthquake that hit before dawn. a 7.0 quake was centered on the south island west of the city of christ church. the quake struck at 4:35 a.m. local time. and brick buildings seemed to fare the worst. despite widespread damage though, only two people were
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reported injured. the quake lasted for about 40 seconds. a state of emergency is now in effect. army troops are on standby to prevent looting or other civil disturbances. california republican senate candidate carly fiporina took a position on proposition 33. two days after refusing to do so on a televised debate. she said she hadn't decided her initiative on the ballot initiative that would delay the state's global warming law. but today she said she backs proposition 23. she says she believes global action, not state action, is what's needed to combat climate change. prop 23 opponents point to oil industry money that's backing the measure and say it would reduce green jobs. supporters and opponents of a november ballot measure that would legalize recreational use of marijuana are both in a new poll tonight. the survey usa poll suggests 47% of likely voters support
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proposition 19. 43 said they oppose it. 10% are undecided. proposition 19 backers say they are pleased with the numbers, even though the survey suggests that support for the measure has fallen three points since last month. >> my take on it is i am not surprised. i think as more and more people understand what proposition 19 is and isn't they will be opposed to it. >> i'm expecting a whole lot more volunteers to come out for us and make more phone calls and knock on more doors and attend more events. >> in the near side is mounting a big budget campaign. they are relying on volunteers to get people to vote. >> a controversial video game which puts players in the middle of the afghanistan war will not be sold on u.s. military bases. [ music ] >> medal of honor is produced by redwood city based electronic arts. it is scheduled for release next month. players can pretend they are taliban fighters killing american troops. that does not sit well with karen meredith, a silicon valley woman who lost her son
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in the iraq award. she protested against the game and the military today announced it will not sell it. [ music ] >> hurricane earl wrecked bridges and flooded homes. where the storm is right now and how the intensity is changing. >> we've all seen them or even driven through them. coming up, police officers get their stories about working dui check points.
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. >> ktvu, channel 2 news, complete bay area news coverage. . that powerful storm named earl lost some of its punch today as it zipped its way up the eastern seaboard. now it is a tropical storm and it is hitting new england tonight. and the popular tourist spot cape cod. reporter jennifer davis is live tonight in chat ham, massachusetts. good evening, jennifer. >> reporter: good evening. well, you know it has been raining pretty consistently here for several hours.
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at times those bands were pretty strong. but you are right, this storm was nowhere near as big or as strong as many had expected just a few days ago. still, the governor says even if it didn't reach category one status, this was still a very serious storm. >> we have had them before and we will have them again. >> reporter: after whipping the north carolina coastline with heavy wind and rain earl may be weakening at a quicker pace than expected. warnings are in effect around cape cod as well as martha's vineyard and nantucket. >> you can go out to an existing area shelter that has been set up at the high school. and they have snacks and drinks until we know exactly what's going to happen with the storm. >> reporter: the national hurricane center says most of earl's strong winds are expected to stay off cape cod. that's good news for those in the area. >> it can't be a big deal when i see all of these other people out here. >> i mean if things happen we know that there are plenty of places to go around so we will
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be okay. >> reporter: despite the impending storm shops and restaurants were pretty busy with tourists. >> we're staying. >> any concerns? >> we're ready. we're ready. we have all of our supplies and the house is safe. >> this is what we love. we love going out in storms. >> reporter: but earl is causing problems for many labour day weekend travelers around the east coast. amtrak has suspended the train service between new york and boston until saturday morning. continental airlines has cancelled at least 60 flights. some tourists did leave towns. some inns like the ones we are in right now did see cancellations. the hope is that the storm moves out quickly. that by tomorrow things are sunny and pretty and that this community can salvage what is typically a very busy tourist weekend. i'm jennifer davis, back to you. [ music ] >> and they did dodge the bullet on the eastern seaboard. here is what's left of tropical storm earl. you can see its movement. movement into cooler water so certainly falling apart. the forecast track keeps it offshore and takes it offshore.
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it downgrades rapidly as it moves north into the cold water. so this deal is pretty much all but over. big surf along the coast. but the rain should end shortly. >> livermore police today released a sketch they say resembles a by who assaulted an elderly woman on tuesday. they say it happened at 3:40 on tuesday afternoon as the woman walked on a path near the creek near araura road. he told the woman he was a 7th grider named cameron. he threw her off the path and hit her repeatedly in the head before escaping on a push scooter. he has short brown hair and a thin build. he wore tan shorts and a grey or blue shirt. the woman was treated for head injuries and released from the hospital. livermore police are asking anyone who recognizes the boy to give them a call. >> a livermore woman entered a not guilty plea today to 67 felony sexual assault charges during a court appearance in
10:33 pm
pleasantton. 42-year-old christine hubs is accused of abusing two teenage boys for more than a year. livermore police say the boys were 14-year-old when hubs started having sexual relationships with them. she is due back in court in october for a pre-trial hearing. hubs is currently behind bars at the alameda county jail. >> the fremont police officer wounded in a shooting in oakland remains tonight in serious but stable condition. and today officer todd young's wife spoke publicly for the first time about how she learned of his injuries and what she is telling their children. ktvu's david stevenson has our update. >> reporter: in a quiet conference room inside oakland's highland hospital the wife of a fremont police officer this afternoon described the minutes and hours after her husband was shot and critically wounded in a shootout. >> i was told on friday that it wasn't looking go ahead and they didn't think he was going to make it off the operating table. and my whole life turned upside down in that one moment. >> reporter: fremont police say
10:34 pm
39-year-old officer todd young was struck by two bullets in east oakland last friday while attempting to serve an arrest warrant on a suspected gang member. 20-year-old andrew barient0s. one bullet hit his pelvis and damaged his bladder. he has undergone four operations with more surgeries to come. young's blood loss was so severe they transfused six times the normal amount of blood found in a human bid. >> and i was told that he wouldn't let them put him to sleep until -- until he called his wife. he called me and said he was at highland hospital and that he was okay. he just got hit in the leg. and so i threw the kids in the car and came up here. >> reporter: nicole young today thanked her husband's fellow officers and surgeons and said she is shielding her children from the extent of their father's injuries. >> they know that daddy was shot in the leg. and he is sleeping so he can get better and come home. and that's all they know.
10:35 pm
>> he will probably require physical therapy and some rehabilitation. but they are injuries which are recoverable. >> reporter: todd young has been under sedation for a week now to help him recover from his wounds. trauma doctors say it will be several more days before he can communicate with visitors. the shoter is being charged with attempted murder. in oakland ktvu, channel 2 news. >> a rescue operation is going on in the berkeley hills at this hour to save a cat caught in a pipe. the owners called in roto rooter to get their cat out. the man has been using all of his tools to trying to figure out exactly where the cat is located. at one point a tiny camera caught an image of the cat still alive. a short time ago roto rooter called out a second crew to carry on the search. >> zip along but soon you will have to pay a toll. the changes you will start seeing next week on a bay area
10:36 pm
freeway. they can deliver a nasty bite. the insects that are keeping exterminators busier than ever. >> and the frightening sight just offshore. the ocean encounter that whipped these tiger sharks into a sudden frenzy. [ music ]
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caitlin: i was diagnosed with scoliosis. when you're 16, nobody wants to go through back surgery. my doctor has letters and pictures of other kids who've gone through the same thing on his walls and that really helped me not be as scared. i'm not worried about my back anymore. i wanna do that again! announcer: at sutter health, our story is you. for more stories, visit
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. >> the national planned
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parenthood organization today officially cut ties with its golden gate chapters after allegations of financial mismanagement. the sign on the door was changed at the former planned parenthood golden gate facility of san francisco. other planned parenthood chapters across the bay area say they will step in to provide services to women. the new york times reported today that the irs has opened a criminal investigation. cal trans is set to put the finishing touches on the bay area's first freeway express toll lane. southbound 680 is expected to be completed next week with the lanes scheduled to open on september 20th. now, when it opens, solo drivers will have the option to use the diamond lane if they pay a fluctuating fee. the lane runs 14 miles to highway 237. a testing period is set to start next sunday during that time, tolls will not be collected. in news of the world tonight, the united arab emirates the two crew members
10:40 pm
onboard a ups cargo plane died today when their 747 crashed and caught fire. the jet was taking off from dubai international airport but came down on a highway ten miles away. it was en route to germany. ups has sent a team to investigate the crash. and u.s. aviation officials are also on their way to help. in cuba fidel castro spoke to thousands today at the university of havana. it was his first public appearance since he fell ill four years ago and stepped down as president. castro wore his full military uniform. analysts say his action may signal an intention to make a comeback. castro's message was familiar. he said the world is on the brink of nuclear war because of tension between the united states and iran. >> and off the eastern coast of australia, a helicopt came upon an amazing sight today. a group of about 100 tiger sharks in a feeding frenzy. the sharks appeared to have encountered a large school of fish and began attacking and eating them. the helicopter crew immediately
10:41 pm
notified the australia coastguard to warn swimmers and fishermen in the area to stay away the food and drug administration today said genetically engineered salmon are safe to eat. massachusetts company has spent tens of millions of dollars and more than a decade developing what it calls aqua advantaged salmon. if approved the salmon would be the first genetically modified animals produced commercially for food in the united states. the fda plans to hold public hearings about the salmon later this month. a trade group representing exterminators says there has been a huge upswing in calls for help against bed bugs. the national pest management association says its members are now getting 1-2 calls about bed bugs each week. they say not that long ago that's the number of calls they would get in a year. in addition to homes the bed bugs are often found in motels and hotels. when it comes to hotels it really has nothing to do with the caliber of hotel. we are finding bed bugs in budget properties as well as resort properties alike.
10:42 pm
>> experts say adult bed bugs can live for a year without eating. they don't transmit disease but they can deliver a painful bite. and they can live pretty much anywhere. [ music ] well, i will get away from the city and get some time off and relax. >> reporter: it's the holiday weekend. the advanced planning needed to secure a campsite at this bay area lake. >> and help making your weekend plans. chief chief meteorologist bilians is tracking the weekend forecast and the five day.
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ktvu, channel 2 news is brought to you by the admission free boardwalk. open daily. . the tillman story open for bay area movie goers this evening. the documentary is about pit tillman who grew up in san jose and played in the nfl before joining the army where he was killed by friendly-fire in afghanistan in 2004. the film has already premiered
10:45 pm
in new york and la. the tillman story is being shown in berkeley, the century in san francisco and camera 7 in san jose. that opening coincides with the final holiday weekend of the summer. millions of californians are expected to hit the road to get away. but the highway patrol plans to be out there as well. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta is live in pleasantton tonight with our report. lloyd? >> reporter: frank, if you were trying to get out of town earlier tonight you don't need me to tell you that it was crowded and slow and go. well, it is still somewhat low for some motorists as they have to go through a holiday weekend tradition tonight, the dui checkpoint. >> anything to drink night? >> no. i came straight from work. >> reporter: pleasantton police started stopping cars at 7:00 this evening. and it was within the first hour two allegedly impaired drivers were pulled out of their cars. >> i know a couple of times we had someone come down saying that they saw the checkpoint. they went to the bar. and then they drove into our
10:46 pm
checkpoint to leave. and, again, the impairment issue that we are dealing with. they don't have good judgment. >> reporter: the auto club says more than four million californians are travelling this holiday weekend. that's 11% more than last labour day. gasoline prices are helping. down 7 cents a gallon over the past month. >> they seem to be going down a couple cents or two. it is not that big of a deal to me because my car doesn't waste that much gas. >> reporter: the campgrounds in livermore was a place that a number of people wanted to get to as evidenced by the long line of cars at the park entrance this evening. >> i like this place because we got that lake over there where the kids can swim. it's a nice place here. >> reporter: frank says it took him a while to get here from san jose. he was pitching his tent this evening in a camp ground that was booked up 11 weeks ago. all 151 campsites were reserved well in advance. although overall, the state park system reports attendance
10:47 pm
this year is down. camping fees were increased from last year as the state continues to struggle with budget deficits. still he says that it was all worth it to sleep under the stars. >> well, i needed to get away from the city and get some time off and relax. this relaxes me. >> reporter: well, the police say don't relax with alcohol and then drive. this is a maximum law enforcement weekend. drink and drive and get caught and you go straight to jail. live in pleasantton, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu, channel 2 news. san francisco certainly is one place which attracts visitors on long weekends. in fact, the city remains one of the world's top tourist destinations. the recession hurt the city last year of the the convention and visitor's burrow said more than 50 million visited san francisco in 2009. one million fewer tourists than in 2008. but they say this year is looking better. the city says tourists account for about $8 billion in sales
10:48 pm
each year. [ music ] >> and i'm tracking the fog that's moving into san francisco right now. it is being shuted at the east bay hills. not get over the hills yet. let me show you what we have got. the city is fogged in right now. fog in dal yes. city. fog shooting over towards san francisco at the airport. and then pacifica obviously and down to half moon bay. fog will be a constant player coastside. it will try to make it into your neighborhood tonight. so that is the forecast for a cooler weather pattern. the next 48 hours. it will be warmer on monday. labour day monday will be the warmest day on your holiday weekend. so if you have outdoor plans and barbecuing all the days will be fine but monday will be your best outdoor day. with a warmer evening than we have seen. the last couple of evenings with the fog it will be chilly. need jackets while out there. the forecast high is keeping temperatures, the heat anyway, the big heat in the central valley. today it was warm to hot. if you are in the inland valley
10:49 pm
95, 94 degrees. temperatures coming down. lots of upper 80s. this is back the low pressure center has been with us for four months now bakely. pops in and pops out. in the spring it was wet. pop in it would bring rain. this time of year there is not enough activity around it, jet stream or activity or moisture with it. when it pops in it just brings more fog and drizzle and cooler daytime highs. cooler tomorrow and sunday. not like last weekend, though. last weekend was freezing. remember the way it was very cool. this weekend will just be mild. so still doable but a nice week for your outdoor plans. sunny and breezy in lake tahoe. notice the wind out on the lake. there is the fog. the heat is in southern california out towards palm springs. la is 85 degrees. that's pretty warm in downtown la. and bakersfield is 95 degrees. you get the pick. the forecast for tomorrow morning. the fog look where it is. all the way up in here. a computer model at 8 a.m. showing us there is a lot of
10:50 pm
coverage in the morning. and then by afternoon, say 10:00 or so, you will start to see clearing back to the coast. and that will allow the temperatures to start to come up. but because of this initial fog push, day-time highs tomorrow are going to be cooler than they were today. because we haven't had the big fog, have we? we have had spare the air days. that's not the case tomorrow. spare the air day tomorrow. nice onshore winds. good air quality and daytime highs. sunday it looks nice. the five day forecast is a nice win for the holiday weekend. it will feel a lot like the end of september instead of the beginning of september, very fall-like. >> a good looking weekend, though. >> thanks, bill. >> runners may be pleased to learn that a popular half marathon in san jose will be run for at least three more years. a group called team san jose has said it has signed a contract with the rock and roll san jose half marathon. team san jose says the run is expected to bring in almost $42 million for the local economy because the event draws a affluent runners who spend money. >> another shakeup on "american
10:51 pm
idol." the reason the third judge is giving for leaving the show. [ music ]
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
. >> another "american idol" judge is leaving the show. bust television announced that kara is departing following two
10:54 pm
season as a judge. the songwriter released a statement saying she felt like she hit the lottery when she came to idol. but she feels this is the best time to leave. simon cowel and he will ellen degeneres left at the end of the season. >> not the way you want to start a ten game road trip. the elephant in the room is barry zito. the problem is he just can't win. now, 0-6 since july 16th. oh, by the way, 15 games under 500 since he joined the giants for $126 million some four years ago. tommy is saying do you believe this guy is still in the starting rotation? we like our chances tonight. barry zito with the do-nothing breaking pitch to rob barahaas in the second inning. three hits off the giants. all three have left the yard. buster posey in the third gets
10:55 pm
it right back for the giants with a clean single into left center-field off chad billingsly to make it 2-2. in the bottom of the inning zito can't hold them. walks the bases with two out. the pitcher strokes it to right. he can't make the play out there. hasn't done anything either for the giants since coming over from kansas city. billingsly8 innings and no earned runs. padres won and the giants are three back. 4-2 is the final. >> crime and punishment can't instigate something like that and expect to get off free. the manager started a huge melee between the nationals and the marlins. discipline comes swiftly in the eight game suspension for the outfielder. five other players and managers also received various but smaller suspensions. tell you what, as long as they are nowhere near yankee stadium things are all right for the as.
10:56 pm
doesn't seem so long ago the as and angels always play in high tension games in september. not this time around, though. both way behind the rangers in the west. the as tee off with the 6th run 7. they get things rolling there. it continues. davis had a pretty good game. the stroke to center-field. and that will make it all the easier for gonzalez to win his 13th. but check this moment out, reliever brad siegler hit by a broken bat. mike napoli hit it and the bat shattered. watch it again, it actually spears him. fortunately he is okay. and the as with the easy victory. it is that time of year again. although it doesn't seem like they are starting school earlier and earlier these days. our high school game of the week is a pretty good opener. played out martinez takes on college part of pleasant hill. they scored on their first three possessions. here john miller is flipping it
10:57 pm
to trevor davis. he does most of the work. 34 yards and touchdown they lead it 13-6. college park an 80-yard drive of their own. screen play is working pretty well you might say here. valdez to kevin allson a td and they make it a game 20-19. but that is as close as they would get. jared leave what a game. 12 carries and 112 yards and three tds. that's one of them. five yard burst. and the high school opener ends up 25-35. the first time since they beat college. big name relief michael robinson has been a standout on their special teams. the four-year veteran the biggest name released. kevin hill the wide receiver. that is the sporting life for friday night. lots going on. >> thanks, mark. >> thank you. >> that is our report on this friday night. i'm gasia. >> and i'm frank somerville.
10:58 pm
our coverage continues online at ktvu, have a great weekend, everybody. >> good night.
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